Bolt Acquires Tipser, Launches Remote Checkout

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Bolt, a checkout and shopper network company, has acquired Tipser, a Swedish-based tech company enabling commerce across digital touchpoints, to advance their shared vision of enabling shoppers to check out immediately at the point of discovery.

Tipser has spent the past 10 years building its embedded commerce technology enabling consumers to purchase products natively across touchpoints, including an online publication, mobile marketplace, price comparison site, social media platform or search engine.

Bolt says it will leverage Tipser's turn-key publisher marketplaces, touchless merchant integrations and headless implementation capabilities to enhance Bolt’s new “Remote Checkout” solution. By combining Tipser's tech with Bolt’s SSO Commerce and its network of “tens of millions” of shoppers, Remote Checkout offers publishers like Bustle, The Zoe Report, W Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan and InStyle the ability to monetize traffic on-site and build direct relationships with their visitors and turn anonymous visitors into logged-in accountholders, all while offering consumers an instant one-click checkout instead of redirecting them to another site.

"Tipser and Bolt share the same goal of enabling checkout to take place anywhere,” said Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO of Bolt, in a new media release. “Tipser has proven success in giving shoppers the opportunity to directly check out through inspirational content. By joining forces… the sky's the limit when it comes to unlocking the power of shopper identities to check out everywhere."

BDG (formerly known as Bustle Digital Group) partnered with Tipser earlier this year to launch a commerce initiative across its sites, offering its readers a seamless transaction through a native checkout option.

“Tipser's platform has been instrumental in providing us with an elevated shopping experience for our readers," said Jason Wagenheim, president and chief revenue officer at BDG, in the release. "We clearly see the benefits of adding Bolt's one-click checkout and account creation capabilities to what we have already built with Tipser, and we are so excited to expand our commerce offering in 2022 for our readers and retail partners alike."

With this acquisition, Bolt will soon be powering one-click checkouts on remote surfaces throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and all European territories.

Citing recent research, Bolt says 84% of shoppers look for insights on at least one social media platform before purchasing (Pew Research Center), and 52% of socially engaged shoppers have initiated a purchase through a social platform, according to research from Inmar Intelligence. CB Insights calls the creator economy a booming $104 billion market that demands better monetization tools to further accelerate growth.

While social commerce is still nascent in the history of e-commerce, its adoption has ramped up over the past year, and solutions that make checkout simpler and more trusted at the point of discovery, without sacrificing a publisher's, creator's or brand's relationship, will win, according to Bolt.