P2PI Member Spotlight: Volta Charging

Volta Charging is participating in the P2P Summit and the Path to Purchase Expo. Our team looks forward to being a resource for retailers and brands looking to enhance their sustainability efforts – as well as drive sales.
Ted Fagenson , Volta Charging SVP
Volta Charging

Volta Charging operates a nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers that incorporate digital displays. Volta installs these place-based media stations in high-traffic retail locations and partners with advertisers to sponsor the service. As a result, Volta is able to provide stations free to drivers and retailers. By combining a green amenity with out-of-home media, Volta also helps retailers and brands demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Institute staff asked Volta SVP Ted Fagenson a few questions about the business.

What can Volta Charging offer to brands?

FAGENSON: As Volta charging stations are located on the path of entry to retail, brands have access to ad placements that have been unavailable to them until now. These brands understand that their product might not be on shoppers’ lists as they enter, but after seeing the can’t-miss ad when they’re about to begin their shopping experience, the likelihood of their product being in shopping carts on the way out is exponentially higher. Due to Volta’s unique model, brands that advertise on the stations also enjoy strong affinity and recall data.

Volta Charging - retailer campaign

What can Volta Charging offer to retailers?

FAGENSON: There are three main drivers why retailers should adopt Volta now. First, Volta draws customers to the retailer by dispensing free fuel. This amenity is proven to extend dwell time and therefore increase shopper basket size. Second, media displayed on the Volta stations provides a new customer touchpoint, influencing shoppers’ buying behavior as they walk into the store. Finally, the retailer’s brand value increases by visibly demonstrating their support for a sustainable environment.

How does your company plan to use your P2PI membership resources?

FAGENSON: Volta is participating in the P2P Summit and the Path to Purchase Expo. Our team looks forward to being a resource for retailers and brands looking to enhance their sustainability efforts – as well as drive sales. We love what we do and we are excited to involve as many brands and retailers in our mission as possible.

Volta’s electric vehicle charging stations provide an opportunity for customers to get a free charge while taking care of their shopping needs and controlling their carbon footprint. The digital marketing capabilities of the electric vehicle charging stations provide the added benefit of highlighting current store promotions and customer loyalty offerings to shoppers entering the store. We are delighted to offer an amenity that helps our customers and the planet.
George Waidelich , VP, Energy Operations, Albertsons Cos.

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What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will you help your clients navigate it?

FAGENSON: We all know that there are more marketing messages than ever being met with shorter and shorter attention spans. It is clear that you need to give something to get attention back. By our very model, we are helping both advertisers and retailers increase their share of time, basket and reputation by offering free charging to drivers. This also demonstrates to non-electric vehicle drivers that the companies care. We will continue to look at ways to help brands and retailers stay top of mind.

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