Report: Chip Brand Imagery Performance

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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With online grocery sales predicted to grow by 21% in 2022, online snack shopping isn’t likely to slow down in the near future, despite inflation concerns. E-commerce and brand imagery play a key role in shopper decision-making and can mean the difference between an “add-to-cart” or a shopper's dismissal, according to image analysis AI startup Vizit.

When it comes to understanding and measuring the visuals that best capture consumer attention and entice purchases, Vizit provides new findings from an analysis and ranking of the visual content that chip brands use on Walmart’s digital shelf.    

The report highlights the specific image and design trends that drive consumers to click and convert, as well as how over 20 chip brands in this highly competitive space rank based on their visual content effectiveness with online snack shoppers. It includes an analysis of the top 97 searched chip listings, which include 24 unique brands. The average listing score is a 56.2, compiled from each brand’s average product hero and carousel image scores. Within the top-searched chip listings on Walmart, each listing includes an average of 4.1 images.

Among the findings, Vizit found that Mondelez International’s Ritz product imagery captures consumer attention and entices purchases more than all other top-searched chip brands on Walmart’s digital shelf.The brand’s high score is driven by effective packaging design as well as “high-quality” carousel images that include product description graphics, visuals of Ritz chips alongside complete meals and recipes, and alternate angles of popular Ritz product packaging, according to the report.

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Among the top five scoring brands there are also three smaller category players: On The Border, Hain Celestial Group Garden of Eatin’ and Campbell Soup Company’s Late July. While PepsiCo’s Ruffles brand has lower than average scoring carousel images, its high-scoring product hero images propel them to third place in overall Visual Brand Performance rankings.

Other insights from the report include:

  • An AI-analysis of hundreds of chip product hero and carousel images on Walmart’s digital shelf surfaced distinct trends in which images and design techniques drive visual effectiveness for online snack food shoppers.
  • Product hero imagery with quantity and flavor badging, specifically vertical badges along the right side of the image, are highly visually engaging for snack shoppers. (The report identifies Ruffles and Lay’s brands as examples of this trend in action.)
  • High-scoring product packaging imagery for online snack shoppers include the use of distinct blocks of colors separated by curved lines, as well as bold, circular logos. (Brands including Ritz, Lays, Ruffles, Fritos and Cheetos utilize these product packaging design techniques.)
  • Product hero images of multi-packs that lack contrast between the product visual and packaging design score very low for online snackfood shoppers.
  • High-scoring chip supporting carousel images on include close-ups of unpackaged chips. Consumer attention and engagement are captured by the texture of the chips.
  • Supporting carousel imagery where chips are displayed alongside food, especially sandwiches, are highly visually engaging to snack shoppers.
  • According to Salsify, 30% of U.S. shoppers say they will not purchase a product if images are missing or low quality, while 70% say they are more likely to buy a product from a personally relevant product page.