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Unleash Your Marketing Superpowers with Ibotta Media Group


You may already know Ibotta as an industry-pioneering cash-back payments app that rewards customers for everyday purchases. The name is a creative play on "I bought a " and retailers and brands have bought in big as well. With a massive, loyal userbase, Ibotta is a top shopper rewards platform for driving new customers, incremental sales and store trips.

So what's the next step for building up a successful, growing shopper app?

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Enter Ibotta Media Group (IMG)

Digital ad effectiveness is both widely oversold and increasingly hard to measure. IMG was formed to solve these problems by pulling back the curtain and answering the question, "How does digital media really impact in-store and online sales?" 

Ibotta Media Group is a performance media solution that gives brands the tools to tie digital advertising impressions to Ibotta redemptions and omnichannel brand sales. Through Ibotta's partnership with data-driven media buying platform The Trade Desk, digital ads are targeted to reach the consumers with the highest propensity to purchase the advertised product on their next trip to the store. IMG, OMG.

Super Charging Your Media Spend

To celebrate the launch, IMG created a whiz-bang-uber-fun quiz to help you identify and harness your marketing superpowers.

Does your X-Ray Vision let you see through the smoke and mirrors that can obscure consumer behavior analytics? Do you have Perfect Aim, letting you hit your target audience with hyper-relevant content at just the right moment? Or maybe you’re a Mastermind and succeed by making daily micro-adjustments to your campaign?

Whichever type of superpower elevates your marketing, IMG is poised to help you get even more out of your digital media spend via a three-pronged, A-game approach. 

  • Aim: set the strategy and execute the plan 
  • Activate: reach relevant consumers with personalized ads 
  • Attribute: measure the 1:1 sales impact of the campaign 

This is how media buying should always work. Ibotta makes it easy.


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The Powerful Formula in Action

Just how much of a performance advantage does IMG give marketers?

A recent campaign from a top-tier laundry brand shows IMG delivered more than 9 million unique users and achieved more than 15 million impressions. The results were a rocket-booster for revenue, with more than 55,000 total product-level sales and more than 28,000 rebate redemptions! With an average cost of less than $2 per unit moved, that’s 3x return on ad spend. Holy ROI, Batman!

Discover your marketing superpower and unlock your brand’s full potential with
Ibotta Media Group. Visit for insights and a super-secret special offer to unleash your powers today!