Roku Launches Clean Room for Advertisers, Agencies

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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The TV streaming platform has launched the Roku clean room, a privacy-first data collaboration environment that enables advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted first-party data to make planning and measuring advertising campaigns with Roku easier, without relying on cookies or consortiums, according to a company news release.

A clean room is a space where publishers, platforms and brands can securely share first-party data in a way that can improve advertising effectiveness while still protecting user privacy.

"The future of TV advertising won't rely on fragile cookies or consortiums, but on direct connection with actual consumers," said Louqman Parampath, vice president of product management at Roku, in a blog post on Roku Advertising's website. "We are thrilled to help marketers accelerate their shift to TV streaming by putting privacy and transparency first."

Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu, Horizon Media, Icon Media Direct and Camelot are all using Roku's clean room today on live campaigns. Roku's clean room is also directly integrated with OneView, Roku's ad platform built for TV streaming, to make it easy for marketers to go from planning to buying without additional steps, third-party fee or missed audiences.

"Roku's clean room allows us to provide Omnicom clients holistic, cross-screen measurement, planning and activation leveraging the Omni ID, which further expands our multi-party clean room capabilities," said Adam Gitlin, president of Annalect, the data and analytics division that develops and manages Omnicom’s Omni orchestration platform, in the release.

Roku's calls its clean room "purpose-built" for TV streaming with planning and measurement capabilities that use audience data and linear TV data from direct consumer relationships on Roku.

To get started, an advertiser loads their data into a secure environment. Roku’s clean room creates a secure connection between Roku data and the advertiser's data. This allows brands to match their own data to Roku's without sharing or exposing any identifiable data as well as protecting Roku consumers from direct identification, according to the release. Within Roku's clean room, advertisers can query matched data and run their own analyses to understand potential campaign reach, current audience delivery and advertising impact on product sales and sign-ups. Roku's clean room is built on top of Snowflake, a cloud computing-based data warehousing company, and advertising tech cloud data infrastructure.

"We are very excited to integrate Dentsu's M1 identity platform with Roku's clean room in Snowflake. This will allow us to seamlessly activate campaigns against our strategic audiences at the highest level of fidelity to maximize effectiveness," said Brad Stockton, SVP US Video Innovation, dentsu, in the release.

Roku's clean room will also be available to measurement providers in the Roku Measurement Partner Program, which includes more than 20 certified partners that help marketers understand the impact of ads on the Roku platform. Foursquare, a location technology platform, is using Roku's clean room so that brands can better personalize and attribute their ad campaigns in OneView across devices and platforms.

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