Volta Media Network Expands Place-Based Targeting

The new Store Next Door offering allows advertisers to target high-propensity customers using nearly 40 store categories.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Volta Inc. has launched Store Next Door, its new place-based targeting offering. This product brings the power of its Volta Media Network to more verticals by enabling location targeting based on the stores adjacent to Volta’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and digital media screens.

The Store Next Door offering expands the categories advertisers can use to target Volta’s 55” digital media screens from just the main store to nearly 40 unique options, including healthcare centers, gyms, pet stores and quick service restaurants.

For example, an apparel brand can now target Volta media screens located one or two doors down from sporting goods stores that share the same parking lot as Volta’s charging stations. This new capability was made possible by Volta’s data-driven understanding of commercial real estate design, parking lot configurations and shopper behavior, according to a company news release.

“Advertisers are rapidly increasing spend with contextually rich retail media networks. By 2023, retail media will command nearly 20% of digital advertising budgets,” said Brandt Hastings, Interim CEO and chief revenue officer at Volta, in the release. “Store Next Door invites more advertisers to benefit from Volta’s at-store media network by capturing attention immediately before customers make a purchase, all while supporting the switch to carbon-free transportation.”

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Volta’s Store Next Door product also builds upon the industry’s standard place-based targeting options, such as proximity and point of interest (POI) plus radius methods. These existing approaches are designed around simple geographical dimensions and can result in advertisers reaching audiences that have no intention of visiting, nor easy access to, the desired destination. In comparison, Volta’s new offering ensures marketers only message people parked within the lot servicing their store — not down the street or across a highway.

"Success in [out-of-home (OOH)] depends on messages reaching the right customers at the right places and at the right time," said Brittany Eckett, director of investments at Kinetic Worldwide, part of WPP, in the release. "At the end of the day, this all means that the right screens need to be targeted so we reach only likely customers."

The Store Next Door product is available programmatically and to clients that work directly with Volta.

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